Terms of trading & Information about refunds and exchange policies

With the exception of Customized commercial woven labels, all labels have their prices on their respective Secure order pages and payment is required when order is placed.

Customized commercial label prices are obtainable by application for a free quotation .

Refunds for stock labels

Any label that is designated as being a stock item is fully refundable or replaceable if on receipt is found to be faulty and should be  returned within 7 days from receipt  to: R.Draper & Co Pty Ltd at 361 Greenhill Road, Toorak Gardens. South Australia 5065

Custom made or customized labels

These labels are made or customized to the requirements of the client ordering said labels and providing that they have been made or customised to the clients requirements as such are not returnable or refundable.If the labels have not been made to the clients written instructions in line with the description of the respective type of label on the appropriate order form provided. The labels will be remade and dispatched to said client at no cost.

Custom made commercial Woven labels

Prior to the manufacture of custom made commercial woven labels, a quotation based on information provided by the customer is submitted to the customer. This quotation will itemize all aspects of the required labels. Size, Colours, Materials, Quantities, Prices, Shipping costs, Delivery times. The quotation will indicate if artwork or design is to be supplied by customer or a design generated by R.Draper & Co. If the artwork is to be generated by R.Draper & Co a copy of said artwork will be submitted to customer for approval prior to any work being carried out. These labels providing that they have been made to approved artwork and specifications are not returnable or refundable .

Delivery Times

While every effort is made to deliver within the times quoted
it must be remembered that the times quoted are estimates only.
Delays caused by postal authorities do sometimes occur and we have no control over these instances. Also delays can occur during the
Christmas annual holidays and scheduled maintenance periods.

Application for refunds & Complaints

Applications for refunds must be made in writing within seven days of receipt of goods to 


Complaints should be sent by email to


Complaints and applications for refunds will be handled on receipt and client will be notified within 24 hours on normal working days.

Any dispute involving legal proceedings will be under the legal jurisdiction of Australia.


All dealing with consumers will be in accordance with the recognized privacy principles set out in the 1980 OECD Guidelines for the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flow of Personal Data, taking into account the OECD Ministerial Declaration on the Protection of Privacy on Global Networks (1998)

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