Apparel Labels

R.Draper & Co has been trading in South Australia for over twenty five years.
We have developed a reputation for looking after the small garment manufacturers and Hobby sewing enthusiast, all over Australia.
Now with the aid of the internet, we are able to do the same thing for clients all over the world.
We welcome the small trader and respect the problems they face in getting small quantity runs of labels.
We do our best to help them solve these problems. If you have a labeling problem, we may be able to help and will certainly try.

Contact Information

Telephone  +61 8 8332 9344
in Australia only
1800 812 193
Postal address  PO BOX 1106
Suppliers of :
button Woven name tags for school children and nursing home residents
button Woven, printed and synthetic leather labels, for the clothing industry
button Care, Content and Size labels - stock items or made to order
button Style tags and swing tickets - stock items or made to order
button Tagging guns and ties

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